Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On the Wagon - again

Well folks, its been 3 months since my last drink. I think this is the longest its been without even a sip since college. I did it mostly for my health, the empty calories I certainly don't need. The feeling of addiction scared me too as well as the withdrawl everytime I tried to quit. It was time to let it go - cold turkey this time. Not that I don't still think about drinking every day. Mornings are the hardest. I still wake up every day thinking about where I can find that first drink. I try to avoid convenience stores as that is where I usually bought my bottles. I always kept a stash in my truck, away from the prying eyes of my husband. I knew he disapproved of how much I drank. I often snuck the empties into the recycling bin on trash days after he left for work. Vacations are hard. I just got back from a roadtrip to Seattle. The late nights and the long drives made me crave my drinks. Yes, I do admit that I drank while I was driving. In fact, my truck was my favorite place to drink. It made the days go better and the drives easier. I admit is been tough, very tough, but I am oh so proud of myself. 90 days without a drink now. Pepsi, you have lost another customer!