Friday, April 23, 2010

Tshirt designs

OK friends. We have new game to play. I want to grow the tshirt side of the biz. I will post a design. You all need to tell me, a) is it a good one - be honest here and b) suggest a quote for it. I'm looking for serious and funny quotes. Bonus points if you can make it about pet adoption. The best one will win a free shirt (assuming I ever get around to printing it)

So here is the first for your consideration.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finishing it up and wrapping it together

Well friends, its only been a month since I was supposed to have written this post. I need to close this off because I have "the next great idea". Nothing motivates me to finish something more than a new project. Besides I know you (all?) have been waiting anxiously to hear how the project went.

OK. So the challenge ended without much drama. I did finally give in on the last day and hit the grocery store late after karate. It was St. Patricks Day and I only thought it was fair to get something to celebrate. Ended up with Bangers and Mash (totally ignoring the fact that the sausages were Italian and the mashers were pre-made. The soda bread was good.

So what did I learn from this experience. First, I learned that we have WAY too much food in this house! WAY! I didn't hardly make a dent in the freezer let alone the pantry. Turned out we didn't even eat all the food I bought for the week.

The most important lesson I learned from all of this is that my family relies a great deal on fresh fruits and other fresh foods. We ran out of fruit at about day 4. Milk, yogurt and bread were gone before the end of the 10 days. All of us were quite unhappy and a little lost what to eat instead. These are the staples that we depend on for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I will try to use the food we already have when money is tight and replace when things ease up but I can't ever cut it so thin that we have to deprive ourselves of these things.