Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mommy, watch what I can do

Usually I don't mind those words. Usually it means I'm in for some sort of treat. This afternoon, however, those words kind of made me mad. Why you ask? Because I was in the shower at the time. The expereince prompted me to think about how long its been since I've had any privacy. My oldest daughter just turned 12 so I'd have to say its been about 12 years. I can't even remember the last time I went to the bathroom without the accompanyment of a child or a dog. My 7 year old has some kind of radar where she can sense the lowering of the toilet seat. Its amazing how many drawings, gymnastics moves and karate kicks are perfected in the 30 seconds it takes me to relieve myself. My favorites have to be naps. Today, I was awakened from a dead sleep to explain how to turn the sound up on the stereo. Sometimes, its the yell from the other room, "be quiet, Mom is sleeping!" or how about the whisper in the ear "can I have some candy?" Even now as I write, I have a little mouse sitting half on my lap commenting on everything I write. I love you Linden but please do go away, just for 30 seconds! (and instead of heeding the message, she is correcting my grammar. sigh)


Jessica said...

I feel your pain. The 14 month old likes to follow me into the bathroom to poke me in the belly button & laugh. My oldest is 7yo, so this type of treatment has been going on for a few less years than you have. I suppose we could lock the door, but then I'd have to listen to the screaming instead. :)

Rebecca said...

LOL. I do not mean to laugh at your lack of privacy but I get it. I feel for my mom who went through the same thing. She finally said "screw it" and we all had our "family" meetings while she was in the bath. Poor woman. I feel for you as well. I have not children but a husband, a dog and a cat who, each while I am writing, need attention. Ah . . . Family! Go to a spa darling!