Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Galleries, Saturday Market and Easter

Ok. I've decided to put some effort into this thing so I hope there's someone out there listening!

I had my first gallery show opening on Friday night. The show will run the whole month of March so be sure to stop by and see it if you can at the 6th St. Gallery in downtown Vancouver. Back to the show...it was exciting to be there but I'm not sure it was entirely worth it. There just weren't that many people there and the ones who were didn't seem to have questions or want to talk. I did meet some other artists and get to talk photography and stuff like that and it was a good one to start with. Now I know what its like to be in a gallery show (woo hoo!)

This past weekend, Jeanne and I started on a new endeavor - the Portland Saturday Market (totally confusing since its open on Sunday too). I thought Saturday went well despite the worlds worst orientation meeting. My sales weren't too bad and I was pretty happy. Sunday pretty much sucked. OK. It wasn't that bad. I sold 2 cards after the closing bell and that brought it up to somewhat respectable. Somewhat. It just wasn't the amazing numbers I was hoping for from the bigger market. Spring is coming and it can only get better! Despite the loading zone fiasco and being bone tired, it was an OK first weekend.

This coming Sunday, we are going to try out my new "get rich quick" scheme. We are going to set up for portraits at Esther Short Park in Vancouver and try to get some kids and doggies out for Easter portraits. We've been passing out flyers and posting on Craigslist and I'm hoping for a handful of people to show up. Its a great deal. A quick sitting and an 8x10 for $20. I just hope it doesn't rain! Which brings up another thought...how long can this gorgeous weather last?? Just asking.

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Ang @ Purple Sage Designz Hippie Crafting said...

Good luck with your shows and enterprises, I want to get out there too and read all kind of different success or not so much success stories, but at least you got something interesting to write about in you blog. congrats to a great blog start.