Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm not FAT!

Stamping my feet and waving my fists!!! Really I don't see myself as fat, no matter what the chart in the dr.s office says (actually it says "overweight"). Like anyone my height would ever weigh 130 pounds! (5'8 1/2 if you're wondering). I've always been big. My mother always used to comment on my big hands and wide shoulders (womens jackets and blouses never fit right. Shoulder pads in the 80's were my worst nightmare!) I've always been athletic and I am proud of the muscle that I carry. I'm not by any means a body builder type but I look strong and I am. I am also a bit heavy, I'll admit it. I did lose quite a bit of weight about 5 years ago and I looked pretty good. Unfortunately, with a combonation of anti-depressants and having to cut my activity levels way down and not caring for a couple of years, I have gained about 20 pounds of that back. I intend to work on this when we get back from MI in a couple of weeks (cherry pie is just too much of a temptation!). As much for my looks as for my health and because I will be testing for my black belt in December and any advantage I can give myself will help. All of this (finally!) brings me to my point. Photographs are not my friends!

Ironically, I am a photographer. I (think) I take some amazing photos. I will point my camera at anything but myself. Photos of me never quite match up to my self image. Take last night for example. My baby dog (surrogate babies will be discussed in a future post) was being very cuddly and oh so sweet. I thought she looked adorable and my Twitter friends have never seen what I really look like so I tossed my cell phone to my hubby and had him take a picture. It was HORRIBLE!! Given this was a crappy cell phone camera not my Nikon. And I was slouching. And wearing not the most flattering clothes. And the camera was pointed right at my belly, probably magnifying it 10x. But still.... Really?? Do I really look like that? NO. I refuse to believe that. So in the spirit of fair play, I have edited the image just a tad so that you can see what I really look like (in my head anyway).


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VinaMist said...

I am the same way. LOL. At 5'10.5" I was an anorexic 145lbs when I had cancer. After surgery a car wreck helped compress my spine three inches. Now my doctors say I'm over weight for my current height?? But add three inches and I am at perfect weight?? So for now I am just happy I am 5lbs close to my high school weight. And that is all that matters in my poor physical condition. I eat right and exercise the best I can. That is what should matter. How you feel about yourself is a big part of being healthy. You sound like your healthy to me.