Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry Its Been So Long

Yeah I know. Its been over a year. What happened? Well, its a long story. Too many things and not enough. Mostly insecurity about what I write. Laziness. A hard lesson learned. Why would anybody care? Since I don't imagine anyone actually reading this, I suppose I can write whatever I want. So now I will. Maybe. If I feel like it. And I promise not to delete it a day later. Maybe.

So what's been happining over the last year? Not much but too much to write. I'm still at home. Still not feeling good. Realizing that this probably isn't going to change so trying not to dwell on it. On good days I celebrate. On bad ones, I don't complain too much. I'm walking the dogs and doing my art and loving my family and mostly I am content if not a little bored.

I have lots of ideas for future blogs but most don't come to a point worth sharing. I write them in my head late at night and most never see the light of day. I will think them through more and flesh them out and, maybe share them with you, whoever you may be. (Merrie? Or have you given up on me too?)


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