Saturday, March 13, 2010

DAY 6 - FAIL!!!

I hate to admit it friends (or friend? anyone? Beuller?) but today was a complete failure. First, in my defense, I want to say that Cadbury eggs are only available for a short time!

It was kind of a crazy day where we went from swimming lessons to gymnastics to a backhandspring clinic to the teens martial arts test. I knew lunch was going to be an issue and I was in no shape to plan ahead after another bad night so, when I stopped for cough medicine, I got the girls some "sale" Lunchables and water (and a big bottle of that amazing elixer Pepsi for myself).

Had my heart set on tacos so we started on that as soon as we got home. Wouldn't you know it, I have enchilada seasoning, chili seasoning, pot roast, Sloppy Joe, borscht and some Indonesian rice seasoning, No taco. Sent the girls to Walgreens with my last $3 cash to get me some.

I made the tacos "old school". You know how your mom made them before we worried about fat? They had that thick orange stuff dripping from them? Lots of cheese. The meat wasn't 7% ground beef and I didn't rinse it either. And you know what??? IT WAS GOOD!

I wonder what we have hiding out in the back of the candy drawer......?

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