Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Food Challenge

All right friends, here is the food challenge. I need to plan 10 meals for 5 people. I want to use mostly things I have here in the house. I can go shopping only once and need to spend the least amount of money possible. In the freezer I have steak, ground beef, chicken breast, chicken strips, ribs, tortellini, a lasagna, a chicken pie and a meatloaf. I have lots of canned goods, tomatoes, beans, broth and all that.

Here is my possibility list:
Turkey and rice soup - I have the bones from the breast I roasted last night. Need fresh vegies.
Chili - just need a couple of cans of black beans
Tacos - have the shells. just need sour cream and tomoatoes
Bean Burritos - will need to get some tortillas. can use sour cream and tomatoes from tacos
Steak - need a side and frozen vegies
Ribs - same as the steak
Chicken Strips - a desperation meal. Need frozen vegies and tater tots
Meatloaf - same as the other meats
Lasagna - need salad
Spaghetti - have all but salad
Tortellini - should have tomato soup and makings for grilled cheese. need salad
Pizza - really just need some turkey pepperoni and a vegie to go with
Pea soup - Bob would really prefer that I not go there
Bacon Sandwiches - assuming the kids have not eaten all the bread, I just need tomatoes
Borscht - bought some powdered soup mix at an Asian store. Usually make from scratch. need sour cream at least.
Stir fry - will probably use frozen vegie mix.
Duck - not sure why I bought it or what I am going to do with it but it is in play

So here we go. Some yogurt, milk and fresh fruit and we should be good to go. Ideas and thoughts are welcome. I will keep you updated on the progress.

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